Standards for the Treatment of Actors

We believe that professional performers deserve the following:

1. Compensation commensurate with the work performed. Performers should never be expected to pay for the opportunity to work.

2. Payment and access to their work in a timely manner. Performers should be paid within a reasonable amount of time (within 60 days), and should be granted access to clips of their work as soon as available.

3. Regular and timely meal breaks. Performers should be provided a meal with reasonable dietary options at least every 6 hours of work performed.

4. A secure place to rest and get shelter from the elements. Performers should have access to a chair, bathroom, drinking water, and shelter with security for valuables.

5. A safe workplace environment. Performers should have access to first aid and, if stunt work is needed, a trained medic. Proper notice and training should be provided for any stunt work.

6. Clear instructions and notice of expectations. Performers should know what is expected of them before they begin work. Details regarding parking, location, work time, makeup, and wardrobe should be provided in advance.

7. Regular work days and rest between them. Performers should know in advance if they will be needed for 10 or more hours in a day. They should not be asked to return to work within less than 12 hours without additional compensation.